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Phantom Design Studios - where imagination thrives and gets pushed to the limits. Which translates to - rules are broken, we think outside the box and we love creating some really bad a$$ stuff as well as working with really cool people. Founded in 2008 and located in the Kansas City metropolitan area, we pride ourselves on the start up mentality with big ideas that leave a powerful and lasting impression.

So how did it all start you ask? Basically like a lot of other start-ups. Couple people sick of the day-to-day grind, the corporate politics and being at the mercy of those that suck. So we decided "F THIS!" No we didn’t quit our jobs…that would’ve been irresponsible. We did however put a plan in motion. From a cold dark cubicle, Phantom Design Studios was born and embarked on a journey for a creative revival. A low-profile design firm was formed, dedicated to rich multimedia advancement, web development, graphic design, true creative freedom and whatever else would bring in clients.

That being said, creativity is the very essence of our identity. Through a culture where imagination thrives and is pushed to the limits, vision, inspiration and creative passion is what drives us. Our knowledge, experience, creativity and pursuit of technological advancements make Phantom Design the perfect secret weapon.